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The Benefit of Using a Charter vs. Owning a Boat

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

With the cost of a boat itself, the time and money it takes for upkeep and the risks associated, paying for a charter to take you out can save you tons of hassle in the long run. Being a boat owner is not as simple as just buying it and taking it out when you feel like it, you also have to keep in mind the cost for any possible repairs, filling it up with gas, the monthly slip fee if you do not have your own home on the water, keeping it clean and many other factors.

Not to say having a boat isn't a great deal of fun, but when you are deciding whether it is an investment you are willing to make, consider how many times you will take it out in a year vs. the cost of upkeep and the other factors associated. If you are having a hard time coming to that conclusion, keep in mind that booking a charter for whatever you'd like to spend your day doing on a boat can potentially save you a ton of money and is hassle free.

With a charter, you do not have to worry about drinking and driving, because you have a Captain who is there to make sure you are in safe hands so you can enjoy your time to your full potential. You also do not have to think about preparing the boat, cleaning it afterwards or being responsible for things like engine maintenance and much more.

We encourage all who are willing to make the investment of owning their own boat to have fun with it and make your best use of it!

First Landing Charters offers fishing trips, dolphin tours, sunset cruises, ecosystem tours and much more. Choose us for your next adventure on the water and we'll make sure you leave with a smile!

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