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New Experimental Wind Farm in Virginia - A Fisherman's Paradise

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Virginia’s first offshore wind turbines have now become a source of clean energy for the future. The two wind turbines now rise higher than the Washington Monument off the coast of Virginia Beach. With this new opportunity, Virginia has a chance at becoming one of the leaders in renewable energy.

This has also become an area with a high concentration of different fish species. Both Mahi and Tuna, along with plenty of others, have been caught near the wind farm. With that being said, First Landing Charters has been taking advantage of this opportunity.

If you're an avid fisherman or even a beginner looking to try out a fishing charter for your first time, this is one of many opportunities we offer to have the experience of a lifetime! Fishing is an exciting sport to be a part of, and you'll even get to see these huge wind turbines in person!

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