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Updated: Feb 11, 2021

This fall, schools across the United States have started with either partial or full remote learning plans. Parents are forming learning pods, or small groups of children who can learn together at home and in a field-trip type of environment.

Learning pods – also referred to as “pandemic pods,” micro-schools or nano-schools – are small groups of students (typically 3 to 10 children) who learn together outside the classroom, but still in person. Some pods are hiring tutors to teach a child’s school curriculum and others are sharing teaching duties among parents.

Many of the parents and teachers have said they want their children to have social interaction and in-person instruction. Some parents with small children said they were worried their kids would not have the attention spans needed for online learning and they thought having a teacher might help.

Private schools and local businesses have also started offering services to create learning pods. This is where we come in.

Captain Jay has been a teacher most of his adult life. Teaching experiences ranging from lifeguard training, work safety instructing, 24 years at Norfolk Academy, and 4 years at Woodberry Forest have given Jay an opportunity to share his knowledge with students. This will most definitely be beneficial in regards to teaching learning pods.

Patriotic Excursions and First Landing Charters are offering a type of learning pod that will take kids out on a boat in the waterways around Virginia Beach and surrounding areas, providing an educational piece on the different types of ecosystems, marine life and history of the area. We are looking forward to helping guide this movement in a positive direction for those looking for educational opportunities for kids!

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