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First Landing State Park Fun Facts

Not only is First Landing State Park a registered Natural Landmark that serves as a place for the Virginia Beach community to experience the outdoors through its beautiful hiking trails, it is also the most visited state park in Virginia. 

With nearly 3,000 acres, First landing State Park fronts the Chesapeake Bay and features about 1.25 miles of beach and more than 19 miles of hiking trails through salt marsh, freshwater ponds, forest, tidal marsh and cypress swamp. There are also guided kayak tours that allow exploration of the marshes and bays. Throughout the park, you can find cabins, campsites, picnic areas, and boat ramps. The parks visitor center exhibits explain the coastal environment and its history. 

In 1607, English settlers landed here and established the first elective government in English America before moving up the James River to establish Jamestown. The park’s waterways have been navigated by Native American canoes, Colonial settlers, 20th century schooners and modern cargo ships. Its cypress swamps were a source of fresh water for merchant mariners, pirates and military ships during the War of 1812.

First Landing Charters offers a variety of education-based tours that show off the unique ecosystems that cover our surrounding areas. Come join us for your next adventure and we’ll assure you leave with a smile and some amazing memories!

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