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Bull Drum are Biting!

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Sciaenops Ocellatus, Channel Bass, Giant Redfish (which they call them down in Louisiana), Bull Drum, or Big Reds (that I prefer to call them, in honor of my Alma Mater, Denison University) have moved into the Chesapeake Bay now that we have had warm days and the water temperature has risen. Cape Charles watermen have seen a school boiling on the surface turning the water into that golden color. Their cousin Pogonias Cromis, Black Drum, or sometimes known as the Big Nasty, have been caught in the surf around Fisherman’s Island. It’s time to get some lines on the bottom during a strong tide run and let them eat.

Both species put on a fight like no other! Smaller reds, otherwise known as “Puppy Drum” who fall in the size slot, can be kept and provide a tasty meal. Fishing for these is best back in the Lynnhaven River, Linkhorn and Broad Bays. Most are too big to keep but provide a lot of excitement and great pictures for those willing to put the time in. Black Drum are nicknamed the Big Nasty because their meat is often full of worms, making them inedible.

As the water continues to warm, you can find the Big Reds schooling anywhere off the Oceanfront and in the Chesapeake Bay. Sometimes when folks are sight casting for Cobia they will come across that beloved “Golden School.” That’s when you throw a bucktail into the school and hold on! It’s not uncommon to get two or three on at once, just hope you don’t get your lines crossed because if you do, you’re screwed! That’s why listening to your mate is worth its weight in gold. Give us a call to schedule your personal drum trip and we'll get you hooked!

- Capt. Jay

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